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quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2007

Sugar: sem açúcar?

John Gilmore, um dos fundadores da Free Software Fundation e criador do Gnash (GNU Flash), num texto com jeitão de flame, critica a interface Sugar, que vai aglutinar todas as atividades do laptop XO:

[...] Why should kids have to batter their way through this idiocy before they can get to any educational materials? Why does everybody just keep shrugging and apologizing for how rotten the UI is, without doing anything about it? It's true, on paper, Sugar's ideas might have been a brilliant advance in the state of the art, another miracle like the LCD screen, like the power management, like the OLPC business model. But once Sugar was implemented and we could use it, it turned out that it WASN'T a brilliant idea; in fact, it sucked. Face facts! Give it up and get something that works, rather than have it torpedo the project. [...]

Via Invisible Sandwich, coluna de Cris Blizzard, chefe do projeto OLPC na Red Hat.

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