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terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2007

Forbes: a alma de um novo laptop

Boa matéria sobre o OLPC na Forbes:

Umas palhinhas:

"There would be no way to launch and ramp in any way other than open and viral," Negroponte says in an e-mail exchange from Taiwan, where he is dealing with manufacturing. "A command-and-control model, the way one runs an army, is not well suited for newideas."

One laptopmaker refused early on to get involved because, it claimed, success would require "ten or twenty" miracles

"There's a risk in showing something that isn't finished," Bender says. "But there's a greater risk in waiting." He expects there to be 500 million laptops in the hands of poor children five years from now--both the XO and other low-cost models under development. 

Via OLPC News.

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