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sábado, 11 de agosto de 2007

Tragam uma criança de dez anos

Quando disseram a Groucho Marx "Até uma criança de cinco anos pode fazer isso", ele respondeu: "Então tragam uma criança de cinco anos".

Pois se o laptop das crianças estragar, elas próprias podem fazer a manutenção:
5. Repair: After Mitch Bradley asserted that a 10-year old could
replace an XO motherboard, Joel Stanley was tasked with overseeing
just that. On Tuesday, 10-year old Philip and his 8-year old sister
Sophie were given an XO; using the instructions on the OLPC wiki they
disassembled and reassembled it (for the most part independently). It
didn't work the first time, so they proceeded to disassemble,
troubleshoot a loose wire, and reassemble the XO. This second pass,
when they were on their own, was successful (See
Walter Bender, OLPC newsletter 2007-08-11

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